Mama Kat’s workshop: 10 things to love about Spring

Hello my dears! Today I’m link­ing up with the awe­some Mama Kat again to share 10 things about Spring which make me happy!


1. When it is not rain­ing I can dry my laun­dry outside.

As soon as the first rays of spring sun­shine hit the earth my laun­dry rack moves to the gar­den. I love dry­ing my clothes, sheets and tow­els out­side. Noth­ing, really noth­ing equals the feel­ing of slid­ing between freshly washed sheets, which have dried a whole day in the open air.

2. I do not live my life in com­plete dark­ness anymore

Dur­ing Win­ter I get a pretty good feel­ing of what life as a vam­pire must be like. When I leave for work the sun has yet to show her pale, win­try face and chances are that I’ll miss her alto­gether when I go home. So after months of semi — dark­ness I get quite excited to see some actual sunshine.


I’m Bel­gian and here Easter means equals an avalanche of choco­late. Good, sin­fully deli­cious chocolate…


4.Spring veg­eta­bles and fruit

Don’t get me wrong, I love pump­kin, stews, stay­ing indoors on cold days and hot choco­late as much as the next girl. But when radishes, straw­ber­ries and aspara­gus hit the shelves I’m like the kid in the candy store with an unlim­ited bud­get: ecstatic.

5. My gar­den comes to life (and hope­fully stays alive)

Yes, I admit it this one is kind of corny, but please indulge me. See­ing the first tulips and daf­fodils pop up after months of noth­ing but mud and more mud glad­dens my heart and never fails to put a smile on my face.

6. San­dals

Or even bet­ter: bare feet.

Which brings us to:

7. I have an excuse to – finally – sched­ule a pedicure

Con­fes­sion: I’ve never had a pedi­cure. And with feet like mine… well let’s just say the rock hard, dry, flaky skin on my heels could do with a bit of sand­ing. Come to think of it… you prob­a­bly could use my heels to sand furniture.

Yes, it is that bad. My body is entirely cov­ered in dry, flaky, translu­cent white skin and the one on my feet is by far the worst.

Need details: when I skip apply­ing lotion morn­ing, noon and night for a while the skin gets so dry it just… cracks. It cracks, falls off and leaves a painful raw spot amidst a sea of Sahara– level dry skin.

So I decided it is time to walk the walk of un-kept feet – shame to the beauty par­lor and finally give my lit­tle feet the treat­ment they deserve.

8. Sum­mer hol­i­days are near

If you say Spring you say Sum­mer and when you say sum­mer you say….

9. Barbecue’s

Although I’m the offi­cial cook in this house and my hus­band is the kind who can­not boil an egg with­out a step-by-step guide when it comes to a good bar­be­cue he is THE man. He will grill meat like a Miche­lin star chef. And I’m happy to be del­e­gated to just ‘cut­ting veg­eta­bles’ duty.

10. My kids can run wild outside

Seri­ously THE biggest perk of Spring. They can just run off on their bicy­cle, have com­pletely unsched­uled play dates, dance around in fairy wings all day and will prob­a­bly too tired at the end of the day to utter any­thing more than a whim­per when bed­time rolls around. In fact… they might even declare them­selves ‘tired and ready for bed’ with­out any parental prompt­ing. True bliss…

What do you love most about Spring?

4 thoughts on “Mama Kat’s workshop: 10 things to love about Spring

  1. I’ve never done my laun­dry out­side, but I can def­i­nitely get behind an avalanche of choco­late and I am so look­ing for­ward to get­ting my lit­tle gar­den going this sea­son too!

  2. I love hang­ing laun­dry outside…sadly the tree that held our line up went down a few years ago. Haven’t got around to fig­ur­ing out a new spot. Easter choco­late was evil this year.….somehow I ate too much of it dipped in peanut but­ter!!! Spring is here.….thankfully!

    Thanks for stop­ping by my way!

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