Mama Kat’s workshop: 10 things to love about Spring

Hello my dears! Today I’m linking up with the awesome Mama Kat again to share 10 things about Spring which make me happy!


1. When it is not raining I can dry my laundry outside.

As soon as the first rays of spring sunshine hit the earth my laundry rack moves to the garden. I love drying my clothes, sheets and towels outside. Nothing, really nothing equals the feeling of sliding between freshly washed sheets, which have dried a whole day in the open air.

2. I do not live my life in complete darkness anymore

During Winter I get a pretty good feeling of what life as a vampire must be like. When I leave for work the sun has yet to show her pale, wintry face and chances are that I’ll miss her altogether when I go home. So after months of semi – darkness I get quite excited to see some actual sunshine.


I’m Belgian and here Easter means equals an avalanche of chocolate. Good, sinfully delicious chocolate…


4.Spring vegetables and fruit

Don’t get me wrong, I love pumpkin, stews, staying indoors on cold days and hot chocolate as much as the next girl. But when radishes, strawberries and asparagus hit the shelves I’m like the kid in the candy store with an unlimited budget: ecstatic.

5. My garden comes to life (and hopefully stays alive)

Yes, I admit it this one is kind of corny, but please indulge me. Seeing the first tulips and daffodils pop up after months of nothing but mud and more mud gladdens my heart and never fails to put a smile on my face.

6. Sandals

Or even better: bare feet.

Which brings us to:

7. I have an excuse to – finally – schedule a pedicure

Confession: I’ve never had a pedicure. And with feet like mine… well let’s just say the rock hard, dry, flaky skin on my heels could do with a bit of sanding. Come to think of it… you probably could use my heels to sand furniture.

Yes, it is that bad. My body is entirely covered in dry, flaky, translucent white skin and the one on my feet is by far the worst.

Need details: when I skip applying lotion morning, noon and night for a while the skin gets so dry it just… cracks. It cracks, falls off and leaves a painful raw spot amidst a sea of Sahara- level dry skin.

So I decided it is time to walk the walk of un-kept feet – shame to the beauty parlor and finally give my little feet the treatment they deserve.

8. Summer holidays are near

If you say Spring you say Summer and when you say summer you say….

9. Barbecue’s

Although I’m the official cook in this house and my husband is the kind who cannot boil an egg without a step-by-step guide when it comes to a good barbecue he is THE man. He will grill meat like a Michelin star chef. And I’m happy to be delegated to just ‘cutting vegetables’ duty.

10. My kids can run wild outside

Seriously THE biggest perk of Spring. They can just run off on their bicycle, have completely unscheduled play dates, dance around in fairy wings all day and will probably too tired at the end of the day to utter anything more than a whimper when bedtime rolls around. In fact… they might even declare themselves ‘tired and ready for bed’ without any parental prompting. True bliss…

What do you love most about Spring?

4 thoughts on “Mama Kat’s workshop: 10 things to love about Spring

  1. I’ve never done my laundry outside, but I can definitely get behind an avalanche of chocolate and I am so looking forward to getting my little garden going this season too!

  2. I love hanging laundry outside…sadly the tree that held our line up went down a few years ago. Haven’t got around to figuring out a new spot. Easter chocolate was evil this year…..somehow I ate too much of it dipped in peanut butter!!! Spring is here…..thankfully!

    Thanks for stopping by my way!

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