Chocolate Covered Orange Flavoured Madeleines

Last week I spend Valentine’s day at home, with my kids and the laundry. Real romantic. I know, but that how things work when you are : a) a mother, b) have been married nearly 7 years, c) have been a couple for nearly 15 years (I’m going to be 32 this year if this helps with the ‘when did they meet math’) and d) are neither of you particularly romantic.

I mean we are not romantic in the ‘red roses and champagne’ romantic sense. We are romantic in the “of course Darling, by all means watch the World Cup Finale during dinner! After all it is once every four years” and the “Dear, I recorded that English police show you love so much! I shaw in the newspaper it was a new episode and I knew you would have hated to miss it!”  – romantic.

But anyhow on Valentine’s day I decided to entertain my children with chocolate, cookies and sprinkles. While it was not exactly Valentine-related it is quite frankly too good not to share :

Chocolate Covered Orange Flavoured Madeleines


– Madeleines : basically make these and change the lemon to the zest of one whole orange and let them cool a bit before you hit the chocolate dipping station

– Dark chocolate, about 200 gr.

– an assortiment of sprinkles and sparkly edible things (please ignore whatever it it is lying on the floor)

How to

– Melt the chocolate in a bowl, don’t bother with hot water and “au bain marie” stuff, just bang that baby in the microwave, 2 minutes on 450 should do the trick;

– while the chocolate is melting, pour the sprinkles into bowls

– align cookies, align bowls, get kids in their chairs, take chocolate out of the microwave

– take cookie

– dip one side in the melted chocolate, turn around and then dip the other side in the chocolate


– let the excess chocolate drip of

– Dip one side of the cookie in sprinkles


– Dip the other side of the cookie in the sprinkles


– Put the cookie aside on a cookie sheet, proceed with the rest of them

– Leave them all alone until the chocolate is hard, if you can resist them long enough, leave until the next day and let the flavors “settle.”



Not pictured : n°2 dipping her entire HAND in the liquid chocolate after we had finished with the last cookie.

Ps: in case you are wondering I did get flowers for Valentine’s day.

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