A Happy 2013 and New Year’s Resolution!

Well it has been a fun two weeks.

No, really. I’m not trying to be sarcastic here. We actually HAD a fun two weeks holiday. The kids slept until 9 am every day, they learned how to clean up their own toys and n°2 is very nearly potty-trained. There were a few highly successful play dates, some very nice presents under the tree (except for that kiddie-game-computerish thingy that somehow got past our ‘no-toys-with-a-noise’ – rule) and some very good meals went into our stomachs.

But is time to go back to normality. I’m actually kinda longing for the peace and quit of my little cubicle, especially early in the morning, where nobody interrupts my first sips of coffee with screams of “I’m a little lion hear me roar RAAAAAAWR”.  And I might need to go back to the gym. Ok no I definitely need to go back to the gym. Best pack my bag after I finish writing this little ditty.

That is actually the only sore point I have about these last two weeks. The writing. Somewhere in the middle of December when the crazy-Christmas-Holidays-are-Coming-Oh-Fuck-ShitShitShitShit-This-Needs-Finishing – mood was in full swing and I couldn’t bring up the energy to write another word past 8pm. because my fingers where cramped from too much typing at the office I comforted myself with the thought that the holidays where coming and that I would have plenty of time to write.

I’ll leave you to digest those last words : I was going to be home, with two kids and thought I would have plenty of time to write.

I don’t know where you are when you read this blog, nor how you do so. Perhaps you are sitting at your desk, pretending to be hard at work, or perhaps you are sitting on your sofa reading blogs on a smart sleek tablet. Where-ever you are, whatever you are doing, however you are dressed I’m pretty sure there is a little smile on your face, that you are shaking your head ever so slightly. Yes I know. I know.

Needless to say this queen of procrastination did not get a letter of planned writing done. Oh well, let that be my New Year’s resolution I guess. 

More writing, better writing. Turn that jumble-bumble of blog-post ideas into actual words and not just leave them to fester beneath the everyday thoughts that seem to take up such an inordinately big portion of my brain and which mush out all the rest.

Although I’m not sure I’ll get anything done… while I was typing the above the little one managed to empty an entire box of tissues and turned my laptop bag into a car. Oh well, … at least I can’t complain of the lack of blog fodder.


Happy 2013 everyone! May all your dreams and wishes come true and may you at least manage to keep one New Year’s Resolution!!

And if you fail… so what, you are still awesome!


4 thoughts on “A Happy 2013 and New Year’s Resolution!

  1. Here’s to writing more in 2013! And to getting you to tell me how you get your kids to sleep in until 9. And to your telling me how to make a bubble in No. 2. OMG, that sounds all sorts of wrong. I mean this: n°2, which I cut and pasted. Commenting is hard.

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