Christmas is near, let the mayhem begin!

I have to admit it : I simply adore Christmas. I adore every little, crazy thing about it. From the buying and choosing of the tree – after December 6th, not before,or bad things will happen to good people (meaning their tree will lose all its needles before the actual Christmas dinner) – the decorating of the tree (lights first, then ornaments) and the crib.

About that crib… this is ours:



A beautifully handmade wooden crib, perfect to the last little detail… filled with the Playmobil Christmas family.

Last year the crib was filled with plaster figures. Plaster figures which where a gift from my In Law’s more specificaly. I can still hear my husband say it : “what can happen! It is not as if the kids are really going to play with the figures.” Five minutes later we had lost Joseph, one sheppard had lost its head and Melchior was missing an arm. We were able to mend the sheppard and Melchior but Mother Mary was a single mom until June. That is when Joseph turned up, from God knows were. They are now reunited in the dusty box up in the attic and I hear mariage counseling is going well.

Needless to say the girls threw themselves hearth and soul into the whole decorating scheme:




Ok the little one was not that impressed with it. She preferred to make sure the Playmobil sheep went out for walkies.

Needless to say wine time was hailed with uncommon delight that evening.



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