Christmas is near, let the mayhem begin!

I have to admit it : I sim­ply adore Christ­mas. I adore every lit­tle, crazy thing about it. From the buy­ing and choos­ing of the tree — after Decem­ber 6th, not before,or bad things will hap­pen to good peo­ple (mean­ing their tree will lose all its nee­dles before the actual Christ­mas din­ner) — the dec­o­rat­ing of the tree (lights first, then orna­ments) and the crib.

About that crib… this is ours:



A beau­ti­fully hand­made wooden crib, per­fect to the last lit­tle detail… filled with the Play­mo­bil Christ­mas family.

Last year the crib was filled with plas­ter fig­ures. Plas­ter fig­ures which where a gift from my In Law’s more specif­i­caly. I can still hear my hus­band say it : “what can hap­pen! It is not as if the kids are really going to play with the fig­ures.” Five min­utes later we had lost Joseph, one shep­pard had lost its head and Mel­chior was miss­ing an arm. We were able to mend the shep­pard and Mel­chior but Mother Mary was a sin­gle mom until June. That is when Joseph turned up, from God knows were. They are now reunited in the dusty box up in the attic and I hear mariage coun­sel­ing is going well.

Need­less to say the girls threw them­selves hearth and soul into the whole dec­o­rat­ing scheme:




Ok the lit­tle one was not that impressed with it. She pre­ferred to make sure the Play­mo­bil sheep went out for walkies.

Need­less to say wine time was hailed with uncom­mon delight that evening.



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