Roasted pumpkin salad with roquefort or how I fight the return of the baby-pouch

The annoying thing about certain facts is that they will not let themselves be ignored. This is most specifically true if those facts concentrate themselves around your waistline.

I don’t know how it happened but recently the roll of left-over pregnancy fat which has taken up permanent residence on my stomach, also affectionately known as “Flub” to those near and dear to me, has been a bit more – shall we say – prominent. Perhaps he was afraid I would forget about him and decided to make a reappearance, like he was some kind of pop-diva who can’t stay away from the stage even though she has long reached her coolness expiration date *coughMadonnacough* , craving attention and the limelight.

Well he has my attention…

When I wear high-waist trousers or jeans he will press against the zipper with annoying persistency. When I wear normal waist pants or a skirt he will pop out and make an unappetizing bulge underneath my t-shirt or blouse.

Flub is being a bit of an pain the ass.

He probably thought it was safe to come out now, it being late fall and all. And yes I must admit that I have been feeding Flub a bit more than I should.

But this was no fault of mine! Honestly! It’s fall, fall is hearty stew time! And there was my husband’s birthday… which we celebrated with a family dinner for his and my parents and then we celebrated between just the two of us at this place. And then there is the cookie baking. When the children want to bake cookies who am I to stand in their way? And I can’t let their precious little girl teeth eat all those cookies alone now can I? It would be very remiss of me as their mother, it would make me downward irresponsible. Those Saturday morning’s pancakes might have something to do with it as well, but we are so often out of bread on Saterday! What am I to do? Get dressed and go to the baker? Pshish.

Well whatever, all I know is that with only one month before the big-holiday-eating fest begins, and just about the one time in a year when eating until you burst is actually required, I must face the fact that if I don’t take some kind of action now I will have to explain to everybody at the Christmas table that “No I’m not pregnant again, I just gained a bit of weight. Yes very funny, I DO happen to look as if I’m four months pregnant, but trust me it ain’t so…”.

So from now on restraint and moderation are my new life-values. At least until Flub gets the message.

Meaning more salad and less stew. And less Nutella, fries, croissants, chocolates, cookies,… but I refuse to give up the pancakes. Pancakes make everybody happy, and you do want me to be happy… don’t you?

Since it is Fall and the more usual ingredients you might use to jazz up a plain ol’ salad, such as tomatoes or avocadoes, are not really in season I had to improvise with that which is in store : pumpkin.

Salad with roasted pumpkin, Roquefort and toasted pine-nuts

Ingredients (for two):

Salad (I chose one of those handy ready-made mixes since I’m lazy… feel free of course to grow and cultivate your own)

200 gr of pumpkin, peeled and cubed

200 gr of Roquefort (or any type of blue veined cheese you might fancy)

A handful of pine-nuts

Two tablespoons of balsamic vinegar with red orange

Olive oil

Salt and pepper

How to:

Heat your oven up to 200C° and put the peeled& diced pumpkin in an ovenproof dish.

Sprinkle your gourd with salt and pepper and put it in the oven for 30 to 40 min.

Wash the salad, cube the Roquefort.

Divide over your plates.

When the pumpkin is done take it out of the oven, leave to cool for 2 to 3 minutes and then toss under your salad.

Toast some pine-nuts and sprinkle them over the salad.

For dressing I choose this:

It is balsamic oil enriched with the juice of red oranges. It has a lovely acidity and is not to overly sweet.If you are not able to find it just use regular balsamic.


Serve with some crusty bread. For the other person at the table of course, I’ll never get rid of Flub if I don’t watch them carbs.

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