Roasted pumpkin salad with roquefort or how I fight the return of the baby-pouch

The annoy­ing thing about cer­tain facts is that they will not let them­selves be ignored. This is most specif­i­cally true if those facts con­cen­trate them­selves around your waistline.

I don’t know how it hap­pened but recently the roll of left-over preg­nancy fat which has taken up per­ma­nent res­i­dence on my stom­ach, also affec­tion­ately known as “Flub” to those near and dear to me, has been a bit more – shall we say – promi­nent. Per­haps he was afraid I would for­get about him and decided to make a reap­pear­ance, like he was some kind of pop-diva who can’t stay away from the stage even though she has long reached her cool­ness expi­ra­tion date *cough­Madon­na­cough* , crav­ing atten­tion and the limelight.

Well he has my attention…

When I wear high-waist trousers or jeans he will press against the zip­per with annoy­ing per­sis­tency. When I wear nor­mal waist pants or a skirt he will pop out and make an unap­pe­tiz­ing bulge under­neath my t-shirt or blouse.

Flub is being a bit of an pain the ass.

He prob­a­bly thought it was safe to come out now, it being late fall and all. And yes I must admit that I have been feed­ing Flub a bit more than I should.

But this was no fault of mine! Hon­estly! It’s fall, fall is hearty stew time! And there was my husband’s birth­day… which we cel­e­brated with a fam­ily din­ner for his and my par­ents and then we cel­e­brated between just the two of us at this place. And then there is the cookie bak­ing. When the chil­dren want to bake cook­ies who am I to stand in their way? And I can’t let their pre­cious lit­tle girl teeth eat all those cook­ies alone now can I? It would be very remiss of me as their mother, it would make me down­ward irre­spon­si­ble. Those Sat­ur­day morning’s pan­cakes might have some­thing to do with it as well, but we are so often out of bread on Sater­day! What am I to do? Get dressed and go to the baker? Pshish.

Well what­ever, all I know is that with only one month before the big-holiday-eating fest begins, and just about the one time in a year when eat­ing until you burst is actu­ally required, I must face the fact that if I don’t take some kind of action now I will have to explain to every­body at the Christ­mas table that “No I’m not preg­nant again, I just gained a bit of weight. Yes very funny, I DO hap­pen to look as if I’m four months preg­nant, but trust me it ain’t so…”.

So from now on restraint and mod­er­a­tion are my new life-values. At least until Flub gets the message.

Mean­ing more salad and less stew. And less Nutella, fries, crois­sants, choco­lates, cook­ies,… but I refuse to give up the pan­cakes. Pan­cakes make every­body happy, and you do want me to be happy… don’t you?

Since it is Fall and the more usual ingre­di­ents you might use to jazz up a plain ol’ salad, such as toma­toes or avo­ca­does, are not really in sea­son I had to impro­vise with that which is in store : pumpkin.

Salad with roasted pump­kin, Roque­fort and toasted pine-nuts

Ingre­di­ents (for two):

Salad (I chose one of those handy ready-made mixes since I’m lazy… feel free of course to grow and cul­ti­vate your own)

200 gr of pump­kin, peeled and cubed

200 gr of Roque­fort (or any type of blue veined cheese you might fancy)

A hand­ful of pine-nuts

Two table­spoons of bal­samic vine­gar with red orange

Olive oil

Salt and pepper

How to:

Heat your oven up to 200C° and put the peeled& diced pump­kin in an oven­proof dish.

Sprin­kle your gourd with salt and pep­per and put it in the oven for 30 to 40 min.

Wash the salad, cube the Roquefort.

Divide over your plates.

When the pump­kin is done take it out of the oven, leave to cool for 2 to 3 min­utes and then toss under your salad.

Toast some pine-nuts and sprin­kle them over the salad.

For dress­ing I choose this:

It is bal­samic oil enriched with the juice of red oranges. It has a lovely acid­ity and is not to overly sweet.If you are not able to find it just use reg­u­lar balsamic.


Serve with some crusty bread. For the other per­son at the table of course, I’ll never get rid of Flub if I don’t watch them carbs.

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