Memories of Normandy

Well we are back from our holiday, which was very restfull and highly enjoyable actually.
No really it was!

Did you know it’s socially acceptable to drink cider at 11 am? No? I highly recommend it! Especially when your child insist you push her on the swing AGAIN, although that is what you have been doing for the last hour and you only stopped because you had to answer an urgent call of nature.

No, kidding ( a bit *kachem*) we had fun. After a rather harrowing search on the internets we selected a cottage in Normandy, which turned out to be rather isolated… just us and a few hungry sheep kind of isolated:

Of course the girls adored the sheep, it did not take them long to establish a 6pm sheep feeding ritual:

The sheep really liked it.

We had some sunny days at the beach, where n°1 got to build sandcastles :

and n°2 got to collect sea-shells:

We visited a few beauty spots:

tasted some sea-food :

In short: we enjoyed ourselves greatly. More to follow.

7 thoughts on “Memories of Normandy

  1. What a beautiful spot…
    Wanted to stop by and let you know that now that we are aware of your plans to take over America by making us soft and lazy (which you foolishly posted to ScaryMommy…) we are mobilizing to thwart… well.. we’re looking for someone to mobilize FOR us… well.. ahhh, never mind.

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