Two-tone lasagna, inspired by David Lebovitz

A while back I was brows­ing the web­site of the fab­u­lous David Lebovitz and he posted on how to make fresh pasta dough. It wasn’t so much the recipe for pasta dough that got my pulses rac­ing; it was the pic­ture of the lasagna he posted at the end.

It looked so good! I just had to try it! But sadly there was no recipe for the lasagna, because Mr. Lebovitz hadn’t used one. Bum­mer. Lucky for me he did give a short descrip­tion of the dish:

‘I didn’t post a photo of the fin­ished lasagna because it might prompt folks request­ing a recipe, and I didn’t use one. It’s just lay­ered with a tomato sauce I made with ground pork, spices, and a few anchovies, then the other layer was a sea­soned ricotta cheese mixed with eggs and gen­er­ous hand­fuls of chopped greens that were stewed with lots of gar­lic and some bacon.’

Well, that didn’t sound too hard.

So last Sun­day I put on my most cre­ative hat and got cook­ing with only the pic­ture of an unfin­ished lasagna in Paris in my mind and a gen­eral idea of what it should taste like. For­ward March!

First major point of dif­fer­ence: I didn’t make my own lasagna leaves. I bought some – fresh that much I did do – lasagna leaves at the supermarket.

Sec­ond major dif­fer­ence: I added spinach to my ricotta-mixture instead of bacon. I had been seduced by some fresh spinach at the super­mar­ket think­ing it would be nice for the chil­dren to have some spinach-potato mash ear­lier in the week, but then – loo and behold – n° 2 decided she no longer liked spinach. So there I was with a left over bag of spinach and a child who was redefin­ing picky-eaterhood. Into the ricotta the spinach went.

Third major dif­fer­ence: I didn’t use any anchovies in my tomato sauce. It is not that I don’t like anchovies – I adore them actu­ally – but I didn’t think they would be good in the recipe I had in mind.

In other words: I took the Mona Lisa, cut out the face, replaced it with one of my eldest child’s doo­dles and sold it as art­work. Voila!



Looks taste­ful doesn’t it?





Here is how I set to work:

Ingre­di­ents (for two, but can serve four mod­er­ate eaters, it turned out quite fill­ing)

400 gr. of ground pork

4 car­rots, cleaned and cut

½ bell peper, cut into squares

1 can or 400 gr. of chopped tomatoes

400 ml. of chicken stock (cube)

1 onion, chopped

4 small gar­lic cloves, chopped

200gr. of fresh spinach

200gr. of ricotta

2 eggs

4 fresh lasagna leaves

olive oil

Rose­mary , thyme, salt and pepper

How to:

Take the onion and 2 of the gar­lic cloves and sauté them in olive oil until they are glazed over and oily, add the rose­mary and thyme and stir until they give of their odors.

Add the ground pork and bake until nice and brown.

Add the pep­per and car­rots to the meat and stir .

Yank open the can of chopped toma­toes and add it to the pot, fill the can with water and throw it in with the toma­toes, now take one cube of chicken stock and crum­ble it into the pot. Stir and leave to shim­mer for 20 min­utes over low heat.

Sea­son with pep­per and salt.

Next make the ricotta mixture:

Break the eggs into a bowl and add the ricotta, whisk them together until you have a smooth mixture.

In another pot heat some olive oil and add the rest of the gar­lic.
Cut up the spinach and add to the olive oil and gar­lic, stir about until the spinach is cooked

To prove that I am only human I took this picture:


When the spinach was already in the pot I saw that I hadn’t cut it up fine enough, so I took a pair of kitchen scis­sors, turned off the heat and hacked away until I was happy with the result.



When the spinach is to your lik­ing add it to the egg and ricotta mixture.

Now build the lasagna: pour an amount of the tomato sauce in a lasagna dish (I like to use indi­vid­ual dishes so I don’t have to cut up a lasagna, that always gets messy) cov­er­ing the bot­tom, put on lasagna leafs until the sauce is cov­ered with lasagna leafs, spoon the egg+ricotta+spinach con­coc­tion on top, cover with lasagna leafs and fin­ish the whole with the rest of the tomato sauce.

Top of gen­er­ously with freshly grated parmesan.

Set in an 200C° -  F° oven for 15 to 20 minutes. 

Aaaaand eat:                                                                 








Thank you Mr. Lebovitz it was delicious!

4 thoughts on “Two-tone lasagna, inspired by David Lebovitz

  1. Lasagna is just the best — and if you had made your own pasta, I was going to have to hate you. :) As for picky tod­dlers, don’t get me started.

    ps — did I see a croque mon­sieur pre­vi­ously? YUM!

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