Belgian chocolate pound cake also know as the Waterloo of my detox

Woe betide me for all is lost! All is lost on the detox front that is. And I was doing so well!

Yesterday was a though day, with endless hunger pangs and a headache that made me want to put a bullet in my brains. But today I actually awoke refreshed and feeling like I had had a really really good night’s rest instead of the usual 4hr30 wake-up call from a crying toddler, followed by the usual 2 hours serving as a toddler punching ball, which is standard procedure when the eldest sleeps in our bed. 

So this morning I assumed that all would go swimmingly. I was actually looking forward to my day: the eldest was at school and the youngest at home with me since she needs to go to the doctor for her 15-month check up. We would go shopping, go to the checkup, we would play and we would bake a cake. And yes you guessed right, that is where it all went wrong.

The shopping went well,  we played well, she ate like a champ (I’m honestly thinking of changing that kid’s name to  ‘Bottomless Well’, she eats more than a starved hyena) and then we baked a cake. A cake containing chocolate. Yes, after three days on a diet that only a Buddhist monk would consider I was going to come in the vicinity of that dark, sweet temptation now as chocolate. Honestly, what was I thinking! Lord, did I go blonde overnight or what! (sorry blondes who read this, you are the exception that confirms the rule).

The cake making began at is normal pace, me getting everything out of the cupboard and n°2 diving in said cupboard to ‘help mama’ : ‘Yes honey, mama needs help but not in that way, put down the cookie cutters, we are going the make a cake today and no I don’t need the breadpudding mold either. Thank you dear. Oh, what is that, my spatula! Ah yes, I’m sure the cake will be better now that you have been licking it.’ The usual kind of messy baking with a 15 month year old. When I started measuring the sugar, things went downhill: n°2, who is teething (oh utter joy!) decided that it would be far more interesting if she could follow the baking process on mama’s hip instead of playing with cookie cutters.  So I ended up making most of the cake like this:


(Note: this is obliviously not my kitchen but my hallway, say ‘hey’ everyone to n°2 and I am looking up like that because the hallway mirror hangs in really odd angle – at least when you little taller than your average dwarf- for picture taking). Baby on the hip and mixing batter at the same time! Who says I can’t juggle?!

But then the inevitable happened: I had melted the chocolate and out of habit I put out my finger and took a lick. And then another. And then another. And then the realization hit me like a ton of bricks that  ******* (Dutch curse which cannot be featured here or the bloggy Gods will kick my ass) I was on a detox and I wasn’t supposed to be doing this! But alas, the chocolate had done its work. I was lost in a sea of butter and chocolate infused longing. So I also tastes the batter. Of course you could argue that I had to taste the batter. I mean, I had to make sure that the cake would be ok, bad batter = bad cake. Right…?

So it is with sadness in my hearth that I announce to you that my detox attempt has failed. I will now go and hide my shame behind a steaming mug of hot chocolate and leave you with the tempter of my faith : the chocolate marble pound cake.


225gr  or 7.9 oz of butter

225gr or 7.9 oz of sugar

225gr or 7.9 oz of flour ( I use special cake flour)

4 large eggs

150 gr or 5.2 oz of dark chocolate ( I obviously use Belgian chocolate)

a teaspoon of baking powder

a teaspoon of baking soda

How to

Make sure that the eggs, butter and other ingredients are at room temperature. The butter should be soft.

Start by creaming the butter: stir it with a wooden spoon or a KitchenAid (or a Kenwood) until it is creamy and soft.

Add the sugar and stir until the two are combined

Crack the eggs and add all four of them to the butter/sugar mixture. Mix

Add the flour, baking powder and baking soda and fold in the sugar/butter/eggs mixture.

Your batter should look like this:

Creamy and unctuous. If it is not creamy enough you may add some milk, if the batter is to runny simply add some flour.

Melt the chocolate. You will have been told to do this au bain marie (over boiling water), forget about that, just bang that sucker in the microwave and let it do what it does. Works just as well, but don’t leave the chocolate to long.

Now this is important: while the chocolate melts pour HALF of the batter in the cake mold. The other half stays in the  mixing bowl (for now).

When the chocolate has melted add it to the batter in the mixing bowl. Stir it until batter and chocolate have become one and then gently pour it over the batter in the cake mold.

It doesn’t have to be divided evenly, I encourage you to be a little bit sloppy even. You’ll see why.

Now take a spatula (which I have obviously cleaned, no baby slobber will ruin my cake thankyouverymuch) and fold the two batters into one:

(This is an exceptionally bad picture , but you try taking a picture one-handed with a baby attached to your leg)

To fold the batters proceeds as follows: insert the spatula in the mold, lift up some of the batter turn the spatula so that the batter which on the bottom of the mold is on top. Repeat with the rest of the batter. (Please tell me this is making sense, I’m so used to doing this that I don’t think twice about, but I now realize that ‘folding batter’ might sound like Chinese to some).

The of your folding labours should be something like this:


Now put the cake in a 180C° /356 F° oven for about an hour to an hour and a half (depends on your oven really). To judge if the cake is ready stick a knife or knitting needle in it, if the needle or knife comes out clean the oven has done a good job.

Eat and enjoy!

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