Call of the jeans

Ah week­end, you vile temptress.

You begin so promis­ing on Fri­day, din­ner is run­ning late so why not take a lit­tle aper­i­tif. Ah, we can sit out­side, enjoy­ing the last rays of golden sun­shine, let us enjoy the deli­cious veg­etable quiche with a lit­tle wine. The chil­dren are run­ning through the grass shriek­ing at the top of their voices; let us enjoy some more wine to deafen the sound. The meal is fin­ished, the kitchen cleaned, the chil­dren are asleep in their lit­tle beds, softly breath­ing, dream­ing of mis­chief past and present. Hus­band, how fare ye. Tell me about thy week, thy thoughts, thy plans and hopes. Let us enjoy the last of the wine and some chips.

Sat­ur­day, you dawn bright and early in the form of a scream­ing one year old. Her cry­ing wakes the elder sis­ter, who needs to answer an urgent call of nature.  We shall chase away the night with a freak­ing lot of some hot, strong cof­fee.  The news­pa­per brings tales of the out­side world, tales of woe and destruc­tion, is there any­thing good on TV? Errands must be run, a marathon train­ing must be run, so kiss your father good­bye chil­dren, he is off for a 30km run while we go for gro­ceries. What is that you say, eldest child, you wish to walk? Not a chance of it, stop scream­ing. Younger child, why do you scream, you know you can­not walk this dis­tance? Oh, you scream because the elder screams. Such a show of sis­terly sol­i­dar­ity warms my heart.  Now chil­dren, be on your best behav­ior at the butch­ers and the bak­ers, here are some offer­ings to keep you quit and amused. As usual they come in the form of a mini meat­ball and a sand­wich. Back to the home­stead; behold the sun­shine as I push a dou­ble stroller along the way, cars rac­ing past us. The sun scorches our faces and hands; we must rub our­selves with sun­screen so we don’t burn. Come chil­dren let us play in the shade. What is that eldest child? You have burned your bum because you went down the slide and it was hot? The lun­cheon hour approaches time to eat. Oh, my apolo­gies, your tod­dler­ness, you do not wish to eat like a nor­mal mor­tal at the table, you wish to play pic­nic on the blan­ket. What­ever gets you to eat your freak­ing sand­wich, you lit­tle…  Of course my love of course…

Come chil­dren it is time for your nap, you must be rested for this after­noons feast! While you nap your mother and father will clean the house and … What is that hus­band? You are tired from your run­ning tour? Why yes, run­ning 30km in a tem­per­a­ture of 30C° will have that effect. You are also going to nap? Must I clean alone?  Like hell I will! I will rest my weary limbs in the shade and enjoy some chilled mint tea.

Chil­dren, you are awake already! Let us go the vil­lage fête. Oh look chil­dren a merry-go-round! How lovely, why yes of course you may ride it! Oh look hus­band! A mojito bar! And beer! Why yes of course we may drink it!

Back to the house now, chil­dren, you must be fed and watered. You don’t want to? But mother will cook a lovely Span­ish omelet for you. Hus­band, what shall we eat? The dainty lit­tle meal I had planned but which will take long to pre­pare or shall we sat­isfy our inner demons with some pizza? Pizza? Very well, let me grate the cheese and pre­pare the top­pings! Let us enjoy an aper­i­tif while I do this. Ah, hus­band, the pizza is good and the wine also. Some more wine? What is our off­spring doing? Oh crap…! Yes hus­band, more wine if you please…

Sun­day morn­ing, there you are already! What is that child doing in our bed? Did you put her there hus­band? Oh, you were going to ask me the same thing. Ah, well she sleeps, let her rest, clearly she needs it. The baby lost its paci­fier and is rest­ing once more. Let us get some more sleep husband.

Good morn­ing eldest child! You are awake! Youngest child, you too! Let us break­fast. See chil­dren, it rains so we must play indoors. What is that sound! Oh, you have emp­tied the whole bas­ket of duplo blocks on the floor. How cun­ning of you eldest child, in the blink of an eye you have trans­formed the clean liv­ing room into a tod­dler heaven. I bow before thy greatness.

Sun­day lun­cheon, as usual you con­sist of rolls and scream­ing chil­dren, beg­ging for more cheese. Nap­time chil­dren, nap­time, for this after­noon we feast again! A baby shower eagerly awaits our pres­ence and your weary spir­its need refreshing.

Time to depart chil­dren; you can con­tinue the nap in the car. Look eldest child: a bouncy cas­tle and a big pud­dle! Such joy for your tod­dler heart, but ignore the pud­dle if you please, you are wear­ing a white skirt and… Just give me your socks and shoes child, run free run free. Ah cup­cakes, and cheese! Such lovely cup­cakes, just let me take another one.. Oh youngest child you are hun­gry yet again. Can I tempt you with some Brie? I can, you want more? Yes? Why do I even ask? Eldest child, your skirt is wet, how come? Why yes, dear, it is a very good idea to go and eat a cup­cake in the sand­box, I’m sure the sand will give its tex­ture that extra crunch your del­i­cate taste buds require…  Do not mind the wet skirt my dar­ling, your mother will wash it.

Ah Sun­day evening. The chil­dren are washed and fed and are enter­tained by a clown who is not scary, just a bit annoy­ing. We shall feast upon paella hus­band, since you cut a piece of the chorizo I must now use it or it will go stale. Such lovely creamy paella, hmmm. Such lovely rosé wine. Let us spend an evening in front of the TV and fin­ish the wine while we watch this show.

Yes, week­end you where fantastic.

Damn you Mon­day morn­ing! You come too early! What is this, my favorite jeans will not close any­more. I hate you Mon­day morn­ing and you hate me back twice as much that much is clear. Yes, my dear waist, I will fol­low the call of the jeans and tonight we shall have salad.

Call of the jeans salad

- Salad                                                                        

–1 Pear

–200 gr roquefort

- 1 tomato

–some green beans

- 3 table­spoons of red wine vinegar

- 1 table­spoon of olive oil

- 1 table spoon of honey mustard

- salt and pep­per to season

How to

- Wash the salad and tear into strips, put on the din­ner plates

- Cut the tomato into dices, deseed it and mix in the salad

- Add the green beans to the salad

- Peel the pear and cut into small squares, bake in some olive oil until just warm and sprin­kle over the salad

- Take 50gr of Roque­fort and mix it with the vine­gar, the mus­tard and the olive oil until smooth

- Cut up the rest of the Roque­fort into small squares and add to the plates, add the dressing

- Sprin­kle the plates with the nuts and sea­son with salt and pepper

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