Call of the jeans

Ah weekend, you vile temptress.

You begin so promising on Friday, dinner is running late so why not take a little aperitif. Ah, we can sit outside, enjoying the last rays of golden sunshine, let us enjoy the delicious vegetable quiche with a little wine. The children are running through the grass shrieking at the top of their voices; let us enjoy some more wine to deafen the sound. The meal is finished, the kitchen cleaned, the children are asleep in their little beds, softly breathing, dreaming of mischief past and present. Husband, how fare ye. Tell me about thy week, thy thoughts, thy plans and hopes. Let us enjoy the last of the wine and some chips.

Saturday, you dawn bright and early in the form of a screaming one year old. Her crying wakes the elder sister, who needs to answer an urgent call of nature.  We shall chase away the night with a freaking lot of some hot, strong coffee.  The newspaper brings tales of the outside world, tales of woe and destruction, is there anything good on TV? Errands must be run, a marathon training must be run, so kiss your father goodbye children, he is off for a 30km run while we go for groceries. What is that you say, eldest child, you wish to walk? Not a chance of it, stop screaming. Younger child, why do you scream, you know you cannot walk this distance? Oh, you scream because the elder screams. Such a show of sisterly solidarity warms my heart.  Now children, be on your best behavior at the butchers and the bakers, here are some offerings to keep you quit and amused. As usual they come in the form of a mini meatball and a sandwich. Back to the homestead; behold the sunshine as I push a double stroller along the way, cars racing past us. The sun scorches our faces and hands; we must rub ourselves with sunscreen so we don’t burn. Come children let us play in the shade. What is that eldest child? You have burned your bum because you went down the slide and it was hot? The luncheon hour approaches time to eat. Oh, my apologies, your toddlerness, you do not wish to eat like a normal mortal at the table, you wish to play picnic on the blanket. Whatever gets you to eat your freaking sandwich, you little…  Of course my love of course…

Come children it is time for your nap, you must be rested for this afternoons feast! While you nap your mother and father will clean the house and … What is that husband? You are tired from your running tour? Why yes, running 30km in a temperature of 30C° will have that effect. You are also going to nap? Must I clean alone?  Like hell I will! I will rest my weary limbs in the shade and enjoy some chilled mint tea.

Children, you are awake already! Let us go the village fête. Oh look children a merry-go-round! How lovely, why yes of course you may ride it! Oh look husband! A mojito bar! And beer! Why yes of course we may drink it!

Back to the house now, children, you must be fed and watered. You don’t want to? But mother will cook a lovely Spanish omelet for you. Husband, what shall we eat? The dainty little meal I had planned but which will take long to prepare or shall we satisfy our inner demons with some pizza? Pizza? Very well, let me grate the cheese and prepare the toppings! Let us enjoy an aperitif while I do this. Ah, husband, the pizza is good and the wine also. Some more wine? What is our offspring doing? Oh crap…! Yes husband, more wine if you please…

Sunday morning, there you are already! What is that child doing in our bed? Did you put her there husband? Oh, you were going to ask me the same thing. Ah, well she sleeps, let her rest, clearly she needs it. The baby lost its pacifier and is resting once more. Let us get some more sleep husband.

Good morning eldest child! You are awake! Youngest child, you too! Let us breakfast. See children, it rains so we must play indoors. What is that sound! Oh, you have emptied the whole basket of duplo blocks on the floor. How cunning of you eldest child, in the blink of an eye you have transformed the clean living room into a toddler heaven. I bow before thy greatness.

Sunday luncheon, as usual you consist of rolls and screaming children, begging for more cheese. Naptime children, naptime, for this afternoon we feast again! A baby shower eagerly awaits our presence and your weary spirits need refreshing.

Time to depart children; you can continue the nap in the car. Look eldest child: a bouncy castle and a big puddle! Such joy for your toddler heart, but ignore the puddle if you please, you are wearing a white skirt and… Just give me your socks and shoes child, run free run free. Ah cupcakes, and cheese! Such lovely cupcakes, just let me take another one.. Oh youngest child you are hungry yet again. Can I tempt you with some Brie? I can, you want more? Yes? Why do I even ask? Eldest child, your skirt is wet, how come? Why yes, dear, it is a very good idea to go and eat a cupcake in the sandbox, I’m sure the sand will give its texture that extra crunch your delicate taste buds require…  Do not mind the wet skirt my darling, your mother will wash it.

Ah Sunday evening. The children are washed and fed and are entertained by a clown who is not scary, just a bit annoying. We shall feast upon paella husband, since you cut a piece of the chorizo I must now use it or it will go stale. Such lovely creamy paella, hmmm. Such lovely rosé wine. Let us spend an evening in front of the TV and finish the wine while we watch this show.

Yes, weekend you where fantastic.

Damn you Monday morning! You come too early! What is this, my favorite jeans will not close anymore. I hate you Monday morning and you hate me back twice as much that much is clear. Yes, my dear waist, I will follow the call of the jeans and tonight we shall have salad.

Call of the jeans salad

– Salad                                                                        

-1 Pear

-200 gr roquefort

– 1 tomato

-some green beans

– 3 tablespoons of red wine vinegar

– 1 tablespoon of olive oil

– 1 table spoon of honey mustard

– salt and pepper to season

How to

– Wash the salad and tear into strips, put on the dinner plates

– Cut the tomato into dices, deseed it and mix in the salad

– Add the green beans to the salad

– Peel the pear and cut into small squares, bake in some olive oil until just warm and sprinkle over the salad

– Take 50gr of Roquefort and mix it with the vinegar, the mustard and the olive oil until smooth

– Cut up the rest of the Roquefort into small squares and add to the plates, add the dressing

– Sprinkle the plates with the nuts and season with salt and pepper

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